Color Guard is FUN!

All year round Color guard girls are out and about!
Spinning and twirling flags is just the beginning.

Join us in the ChHS Library for a MANDATORY parent meeting Tuesday, March 24 at 6 p.m.. All individuals interested in trying out for Color Guard must have a parent/guardian present at this meeting. Information about Color Guard and the tryout process will be shared at this time.

Click here for the tryout packet!

Tryout clinic will be
April 6-9 from 3:30-6:30 p.m.
with tryouts on April 10 starting at 4:30 p.m.

in the high school gym.
A tryout fee of $30, two teacher recommendations, and the tryout packet are due the first day of the tryout clinic, Monday, April 6.

Tryouts consist of one week of training where Color Guard girls from previous years will help teach the newer girls trying out some of the dance turns and tricks.

Where: After school at Chelsea High School

Who can join: 8th grade Chelsea Middle School students, and 9th, 10th grade, and 11th grade Chelsea High School students (message us if your planing on moving to Chelsea and are interested in Color guard).

What will Color Guard be like:
Intense training, Strong friendships, a sense of team work, pride in one's school, community, and self.

Color guard has Parties, Pool Parties, Sleep overs, Christmas Parties and MORE.

You'll dance learn new skills make friends be part of the Chelsea Christmas Parade, Homecoming Parade and get-aways. You'll be a part of every foot ball game, there's also Pep Rallies and Band Competitions, Color guard Competitions and WINTER GUARD!
Cost and fundraisers: The Color guard in the fall is part of the Chelsea High School Band so any of
the Band fundraisers are also open to the Color guard, such as the Pepsi drive t-shirts and more. You can earn some of the cost of the band fees for the following year by volunteering during games in the concessions or as a chaperone. Color guard also has some of it's own fundraisers last year we had a Car Wash, lollipop sale and Zaxsbys night. The Color guard fees pay for their uniforms, fees for competitions, and the Band fees pay for the football seasons bus costs etc. Meals on game nights have been provided by parents in previous years.

About winter guard: During the fall shows the color guard preforms with the Band, but after that it's all about the Color guard. Why stop when you're having fun? Winter Guard is a routine they preform in gymnasiums for competitions with other color guard teams. It's a more intense dance and centered around the core principles in Color guard. 

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